About Me

Dad, Geek, Husband, Nerd

So how did it all start? Well I always wished I could see videos of myself as a baby. Of course back then cameras were not everywhere like they are today. So I cannot see videos of myself as a baby. I don't want me kids to grow up like this. So I set out to learn how to do youtube. I needed to learn the software to edit the videos in ways my kids will be proud.

Now I have learned to make the videos for my kids and family. Guess what happens now? Yep I get caught up in the youtube community and start looking for ways to make my mark. I have several channels now and will be linking to them from here soon enough. My long term goal for youtube is to get the Dallas community to come together to make great vids.

I am a computer nerd and love to learn new things with computers. I am working on many different websites to expand my development skills. I strive to be better today than I was yesterday and that is my current daily goal. Everything about today needs to be better than yesterday.

Well that is a blurb about me and how this started and where I am heading. Stay tuned to see if I succeed or fail. Then again there is no failure just another learning opportunity.