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Posted by InTheCaddy on 2017-05-18 10:54:34
Hello Caddy Riders,
Today I need to detail the purpose of this site and the blogs that I will be posting here. This site is generic. It will have some personal things as well as vlogs from my youtube channel under the inthecaddy name. I am working on some other blog sites that will be much more focused in its subject matter. One of the things that I plan on focusing on is my life with the kids and the role of parenting. So look forward to that kind of information here. The best job I have ever had is the role of Dad.

So post in the comments below what you would like to see on here in reference to this type of information. I am willing to explore any and all subjects related to family and fun for sure.

I also have a plan for the schedule for this site. Hopefully I can start doing a video a week that I will post on here for family vlogs, and then post an actual blog about a topic of some sort once a week.

When I getting all the blog sites up that I want to talk about there will be plenty of plugging of those sites and hopefully you will find that information valuable.

Oh and be gentle as I continue to work on these sites and the blogging engine. I wrote all of this myself as a learning experience instead of just buying an out of the box system. I prefer to learn from all of these sites and not just buy and run someone else software. What I learn today may help me in my coding endeavors tomorrow.

Ok I think that is it for today. So in summary: this site is dedicated to family, fun and parenting. I think that subject is wide open enough to keep these blogs and vlogs interesting.
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Posted On 2017-05-18 10:56:08
by InTheCaddy
Comments are open and I hope you all start to use them. I will start it off by saying I can't wait to get some feedback on here. Also I plan on working on a site that will allow for video feedback posts like the old youtube. I wanna see your faces....