2 blogs in one day what you talk

Posted by InTheCaddy on 2019-01-01 17:28:10

Yes I have more to say in one day

Working on cleaning up my sites code base and getting some more coherent SEO work done. So what are the best practices for SEO going in to 2019.

  1. Write Meta Titles and descriptions - This will always remain a key piece of SEO
  2. Use proper tags on pages. Search Engines still want to see H level tags as it shows you have organized the content on your page.
  3. Fix broken links and have a custom 404 page with a link back to your home page. This will help crawlers if they go somewhere they shouldn't as well as ensure your users get back to your site faster if a page is broken.
  4. Make your site responsive. Mobile usage is up across the internet so you should be prepared for it on your site.
  5. Finally all sites should be SSL enabled. More and more browsers are giving priority to SSL to protect their users.

Finally you should worry about content. It is now and always has been king when trying to get your site noticed. Let's face it no one is searching around the internet without a purpose so getting to your site better solve their needs.

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