Getting Back To C#

Posted by InTheCaddy on 2019-10-31 23:49:28

So the past few years I took some time away from C#. I have been working in PHP, Python and open source code. I have learned alot and enjoyed the learning but discovered something today. I need to get back to C#.

I started in the Microsoft world and want to get back to it. But there is an added bonus here. I am getting to merge these two worlds. I can run VS Code on linux. I want to start working on that so I can get a dot net website running on my linux machines. This will be a great learning experience for sure.

So tonight I started to update and upgrade all my machines. I am going to need to get all the applications updated before I can move on. I am also going through some fundamental tutorials to get my brain refreshed on my old development world. I am sure this is going to be fun and learn along the way.

I am going to try to update these blog posts with things I am learning along the way.

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