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Working It Out

Yes I am slow at updating all my stuff. I get it. I am working on a lot of things right now. Not to mention I just landed a new day job which I need to be successful at because of course it pays the bills.

Today is actually my first day and as per usual when starting a new job you spend the whole day setting up your environment and getting up to speed on all the things that are going on with the place. This place has a lot going on so I have many new things to learn and deal with. I look forward to the challenge and the learning I will go through while here.

So with that said I am working on another one of my websites and hopefully I can get it live soon. Right now it is just a job search site. You can check it out at Please go there and search for you next gig as it will help me while I work on developing the functionality that I think will make the site a valuable site for everyone looking to land their next gig.

Blog Ideas

Always on the look out for something good to get into. If you have suggestions or ideas that you want to share please reach out and let me know. Email Me