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Well yesterday didn't go so well. I am working on getting all my websites back up and running. With the limited time I have in the day it takes alot to get these sites running. I need days and days of solid coding and I only get minutes here and there. All that to say I don't need set backs

Well yesterday I had one of those set backs. My new machine that I bought to be able to develop and produce faster died a horrible death. I am working on getting it restored but now I am waiting on software being shipped to me from Dell. So I sit here with no real way to get back up and running.

Now here comes the absolutely ridiculous part of all of this. Since I know my wife doesn't read this blog I can say this here. I bought backup drives for both of our laptops for christmas. Well I didn't break mine out of the package yet because I didn't want her to see it. My plan was to get mine set up right before christmas so I would know what to do for her and then I would have a solid back up. Well I guess I waited one day too long. So while I am losing all my latest work on the sites there is a silver lining to this. I have only had this machine since August so there is not that much data on there.

So many lessons learned and while it is a set back I know as usual I will come out smarter and more prepared on the other end.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned as I get back up and running and ready to hit 2015 full on.

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