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Bloggin Time

It really is time I get to work on this blog. I should start writing about what I am working on. Maybe that will motivate me to keep on working.

I was vlogging again but stopped of course. I don't know how they do it these daily vloggers. I always end up feeling like the vids are boring and a waste of time. I need to work on my skills in front of the camera. I also know that no one wants to hear someone talk about their day being the same today as it was yesterday, but alas that is my life.

So now maybe we can talk about my software development efforts and business ventures. I am working on an online dating website. The work has been slow because of lack of motivation. I am using PHP and datatables right now to present the data. My next step right now is to build the search results. I am making the data for the datatable a remote call to an api because hopefully the amount of return results will be large and putting the pagination server side will be necessary. So doing it this way now should be the most efficient way to do this and will hopefully keep performance issues to a minimum.

So today begins my new blogging adventure. I hope I can keep this up a little better than the vlogging. I do still have a video from our last family vacation to make and then who knows, maybe I will do another couple weeks sprint at some point. LOL

Blog Ideas

Always on the look out for something good to get into. If you have suggestions or ideas that you want to share please reach out and let me know. Email Me