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Old Equipment blues

Well I have an old laptop and i was using it in a webfarm to host these sites. It kept crashing randomly. I figured it had to be a hardware issue. No worries after some researching the log files it looks like the CPU fan is dead and it keeps overheating. This should be an easy fix. I look up the price of the fan. 10 dollar range so no worries there. I look up a video to see how hard it will be to replace it. I have to tear the entire laptop apart pretty much down to barebones to get this replaced. I guess I am going to risk it not coming back to life after tearing it all the way apart but I really don't want to. UGH It is a simple fan this shouldn't be this big of deal. LOL I love computers, I love computers, I love computers... Just keep telling myself this.

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Always on the look out for something good to get into. If you have suggestions or ideas that you want to share please reach out and let me know. Email Me