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Uping my Social Game

I am making an effort to up my social media game. I am trying to make blog posts, tweets, linkedin posts and comments daily. I need to figure out what other networks I need to be on.

Of course here on inthecaddy this site is a companion to my daily vlog channel on youtube. Of course as well all know I am in no way a daily vlogger. Made even worse by the fact that I work from home every day there is nothing worth filming.

Right now I am focusing on finalizing a website that will help with job searching. LitGig

is a job search and what I am calling ERM system (Employment Relationship Manager. When you are searching for a job you need to treat it like a job. Job searching is sales and most sales people use a CRM to track progress on their deals. I built a utility to make that happen during the job search sales cycle.

Please check out the site and provide feedback. This is the only way I can get this site to Version 1. With your valuable feedback on the free version of the site it will prove to be useful to all job seekers.

Thank you in advance for your feedback. I will be posting some old school videos soon so stay tuned.