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Getting Back To C#

So the past few years I took some time away from C#. I have been working in PHP, Python and open source code. I have learned alot and enjoyed the learning but discovered something today. I need to get back to C#.

I started in the Microsoft world and want to get back to it. But there is an added bonus here. I am getting to merge these two worlds. I can run VS Code on linux. I want to start working on that so I can get a dot net website running on my linux machines. This will be a great learning experience for sure.

So tonight I started to update and upgrade all my machines. I am going to need to get all the applications updated before I can move on. I am also going through some fundamental tutorials to get my brain refreshed on my old development world. I am sure this is going to be fun and learn along the way.

I am going to try to update these blog posts with things I am learning along the way.

Blog Ideas

Always on the look out for something good to get into. If you have suggestions or ideas that you want to share please reach out and let me know. Email Me