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Politics: AOC Stupid Comments

The New York congresswoman said billionaires make their money "off the backs" of "undocumented people," "black and brown people being paid under a living wage" and "single mothers." | Fox Business

In the above article AOC shows her stupidity again. No one makes a billion dollars they take it. Well to be honest no one can legally make any money they have to take/earn it. Of course someone can give you money but there is no value in that trade. Making, selling, working and earning money is what the entire world is based on.

So here is the deal. I am tired and frustrated with these idiots in politics making incoherent comments about things. Starting today I will use this forum to comment back. I know no one is reading these because no one comments. Then again that is the point. If you post on facebook everyone gets mad and you lose friends over this stuff. I figured here I can speak my mind and you can choose to read it or not.

Youtube is slowly killing off the independent creator. This site was originally a companion to my youtube channel but what is the point any more. So now it will be my place to vent and be happy.

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