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Just a few months ago we were all so happy about 2019 ending. Had high hopes for 2020 and well that is all shot to hell.

Corona, job loss, fear, and lack of toilet paper were not even in my slightest ideas for how 2020 was going to go.

Today marks another week of this and I am trying to keep my hopes and dreams open and working towards.

I am working on new projects and finally got my wifes website back up and running. There was an issue and I think it is because I forgot I upgrade the core code to a new version and was basically mixing the old with the new.

There will be more coming just hold on to your britches. Stay tuned and hang tough. This year will be a year of rolling with the punches for sure.

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Always on the look out for something good to get into. If you have suggestions or ideas that you want to share please reach out and let me know. Email Me