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Home Schooling

We are coming to the last week of home schooling. It has been interesting times to say the least.

So here is the rub. What are we going to do all summer. There has been an excessive amount of together time right now with the family.

The has been a lot of boredom going on as well. I am thinking that we need to work how to stop this rut. The hard part is that there is no where to go and nothing to do.

Here are the plans for resolving all of this. Camping in the back yard is a plan. Don't know how well this will go as there are a lot of cars that run behind our house. I doubt the kids are going to want to sleep out there. This should be interesting. Swimming in our little pool is only so fun. I need to make a backyard water park. This will be an interesting challenge.

So do we think I need to start vlogging again. I was thinking making videos and editing them might take a way some of the boredom. We will have to see.

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